Adobe’s Mighty and Napoleon Projects that will help Architects and Designers

Adobe came out with the project “Mighty” and the amazing Cloud connected pen. This is mighty digital pen because it turned out that even people spent hours in front of computers, when it comes to creativity, they usually take a pen. This pen could be used with tablets and similar devices to help the old fashion thought to be transformed in a modern way.



Drawing with this pen is very simple and easy thanks to pressured sensitivity as a powerful characteristic of the pen. Interesting fact is that when you use the finger instead the pen, the screen recognizes it as eraser. Undo and redo options are also included wile working on tablet with this pen and there is a click on the edge of the pen for tools menu. Cloud option allows using previously saved drawings and the possibility to use every option on different devices, even copy-paste is the best thing of all!


For architects everyday needs and use, there was created the project “Napoleon” with finest solutions for working with physical objects. It’s a kind of digital ruler that produces digital line to the screen. This way of working means encouraged people to use digital drawing in natural and already known way.

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