The New Center of Culture at Dubai Greek Island – Opera House and Cultural Center in Dubai

The project for the new opera house and cultural center in Dubai is an endless design futuristic creation by Zaha Hadid Architects with Patrik Schumacher. Located at the center of new Seven Pearls district of Dubai this would be the new center of cultural life in Dubai: art gallery, opera house, art school, hotel and play house.

The numbers of people that an visit these objects are huge: over 2 500 people can visit the opera house, over 800 can go at the play house, the art gallery has 5000 m2 exhibition area, six star hotel with luxury commodity for the guests. All of this is possible in one masterpiece creation with unique design in Dubai Greek Island.


Interior is as much as beautiful as the exterior. But the interior is more organized because of the large amount of halls and art destinations inside. Major entrances, VIP entrance, foyer, car parking, parks are there to fill every need of the visitors and art lovers.


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