ARC Multimedia Theatre in Daegu is Perfect Sculpture of Art in the World of Architecture

The ARC Theater in the city of Daegu in South Korea is an asymmetric architecture and inspiring design. The theater is located in one isolated natural green place with river passing by and creating beautiful landscape. The unique and unusual shape of the design is making the building more impressive than its function.


The curved façade is covered with transparent ETFE pillows that gain all surroundings colors and makes the building different and colorful. Shallow pool surrounds the architecture and the water surface reflects the sun rays creating flashing moments at the façade. This way depending of the season, weather conditions and time of the day, the ARC Theater look different and unique every moment.


The ARC interior design is usually dark with only stages accented and art pieces lighted to get more attention. This is majestic project of Asymptote Architecture and real experience of art and architecture at the same time.