Epoxy Floor as Art under Your Feet

Floor design is very important part of the home. It has the greatest size and looks really good when it is great combined with the rest of the home interior. It’s color should be very compact that will fit the rest of the interior but also it should be pleasant for every step. Making a best choice for your flooring means having a great vision how your home you like to look. Maybe people don’t pay so much attention on the floor but that is the risk they do with their home interior. It’s not easy to make a good interior with boring floor design.


Epoxy Floor Art

Epoxy floor is something relative new and refreshing in the home arranging field. People were very skeptic at the beginning should they put epoxy in their home? It was considered as industrial kind of flooring before and was used only in hotels, hospitals, garages, government buildings, kitchens, laboratories, schools…

But years, characteristics and variety of designs have proven that this is a good choice. There are many possibilities that epoxy can do that is impressive. You can make your interior look like a deep under the sea level, like unreal art, flowers in bloom, snowflakes in winter… everything is possible here.


It can look even different in each room so the room theme can be different starting with the floor and ending with a great ceiling paint. This is especially good idea for children’s room. But also it can be very stylish and sophisticated that can fit in any luxury interior of the living room, hall, or elsewhere.

The installing of this floor is not easy, especially because it need pretreatment of the surface where it will be applied. It needs to be perfectly flat and smooth so the epoxy will shine in its best appearance. The best of all are its great characteristics: ultra hard and resistant, waterproof, durable, seamless and of course its design.


Epoxy floor offers endless designs depending on your wishes, ideas, bravery and boundaries…