Hand Made Drawings are still the best Art in Architecture

In the computers age when everything is digital and made with purpose of making the work easier, we still admire the hand drawings and hand made sketches of the architects. The pencils and colors, ruler and rubber were the main tools in the past while an architect was designing. Those images were on paper and set on drawing board, but had that charm and experience of the masters of architecture who lived sentries before.


The projects on paper are showing the artistic sense of the architect, his patience and drawing skills that spend hours and days and months till the design was finished on a paper. The form, space, scale, materials are defined with hand drawn in easy way and with much of imagination of the architect- artist.


Hand drawn projects are the best art designs of the architects anytime, anywhere! Maybe those software applications and tools makes the whole process lot easier and simplified, but hand made is something that is worth more in any sphere. Here are some of our favorite art designs in the world of architecture: