Hiring Interior Designer or Decorator – Most Common Questions Deserve Answers

Magazines, TV shows, luxury homes… there are many places where can be shown the actual work of the interior designer or decorator. People often have doubts about hiring professionals to their home because of less information’s about their work, budget and meaning in interior designing. This doesn’t mean buy all new things for home, or having suggestions that would be over your home budget. Here are clarified some of the most common questions in this topic.

* Differences between decorator and interior designer – decorators focus their work at aesthetic details as colors, textures, textiles, furniture. Interior designers are wider in their knowledge since the building codes to the finish look of the interior. Those persons can make complete renovations of the space because the knowledge of beyond décor. Moving walls and light installation is their job too.


* Finding best designer or decorator – the best way is hearing from someone that is content with someone’s work. This can be accomplished also with simple asking those whose design you like. Many home and furniture stores have designers that are available to help if you buy some new furniture or something for your home. And if you are satisfied with their work, probably you’ll save the contact number for future redecorating your home.

* Check designers or decorators past working projects – websites, photos, information’s are needed to get familiars with his/hers working style. See if it’s close to your wishes and home style you like to bring in the house. Their job is to make a decorating plan by adding your ideas, to help in buying furniture, wall coverings and window treatments.


* Hourly arrangements – a designer or decorator can come to your home for an hour and to give his advices about arrangements, colors, or to advice you to move the furniture from one room to another where looks better. Because those professionals are charging by an hour is best if you have written questions to ask that hour when he comes.


Hiring interior designer or decorator means to have someone in your home and life for more than a week – depending of the project. He must knows your wishes, work, personal style, habits, character… those sources would help him to create the best place to live for you and your family.