How goes the Building Process of a Reinforced Concrete Staircase

Armed concrete staircase building first, needs boards to make the formwork. Providing the corrugated iron from 10 to 12 mm. diameter is also important before the construction starts. Place some boards on one side of the stair to do the stakeout. Once marked the stair on them will have the place of start and disembarkation of the stairs. Measure the distance from the start to the landing of stairs and use two planks of 15 cm. wide 5 cm. Make the strings. These should be 15 or 20 cm. Nail a board to the floor and fix the trenches to it. To achieve the inclination use wedges and intermediate struts to save the gap and prevent the wood from the weight of the concrete. When the entering the stair is finished, drill as deep as possible the stair  of a diameter equal to that of the corrugated iron rods starts and disembarks. Clean the inside dust thoroughly and fill it with fossil resin. 

Mark on the sides the width of the staircase with a marker to mark where the wall will be nailed. Put some pieces of table as a codal to save the lead. Cut the bevels you need to the desired size by checking that they are squared and loaded. Mount the bottom longitudinal sheet metal overlapping with the rods that we previously glued. Tie them with wire. Then place the transverse rods on the bottom. For the assembly of the upper part, the transverse rods go below the longitudinal ones.
Prepare with boards the steps you need to a size larger than the width of the stairs and place them. It is ready for the pouring of concrete. Once poured it waits 28 days to unpack and to load. Good luck!