Interior Design is an Art of Living and a Superpower of the Proffesionals

Living in a space that is nice and cozy is very important no meter if you are seals men, actor, director or professor, manager, doctor, grocery man… interior decorations and feeling free and comfortable at home is the higher priority for every one.

People who do interior design know how to gain that but does people who actually live in that space know how to move things all around to feel nice at home? Here are several advices that will help at everyday life at home.



Don’t look after symmetry all the time. Sometimes odd number of objects can create better decoration than boring symmetry arrangements. Organize things in front and backwards making unusual connection with the furniture but take care if it’s looking well and for functionality of the space. You sure don’t want to bump into decorations while you move in your home interior.

Do contrast with colors and materials. You want your decorations to be visible in the space, so don’t put white vases on white wall shell. Try to give movement in the space by arranging it by contrast.

Try to keep in touch with the house style, without to many mixes of different time elements. This is very risky so you can consult magazines and internet pages about this tricky area.

Interior designing is interesting and risky job, but when it comes to your home, remember- YOU are the boss!