Water Nest for Enjoyment and Inspiring Moments on Water

Floating house called “Water Nest 100” offers enough room for four people that can enjoy its beauty. Fully energy needed for the house it receives from the sun and this makes it co friendly house on water. The house owns balconies for sitting and relaxing that are pure satisfaction for lazy day on sea. Designed by Italian architect Giancarlo Zeman for the English company “EcoFloLife”, and it can be made by order in different sizes. The largest model even offers 100 square meters of space, so if necessary you can get a living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, but also any other configuration of the interior that a owner with deep pocket wished.


The house offers a large covered balcony and large windows that let in enough natural, sunlight. A particular advantage is the fact that these floating houses can be used as offices, bars, areas for various events or restaurant. The main purpose is to be a perfect holiday home, but those who seek inspiration this house may be also the perfect workspace.